Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

By Martin Lings

Award: $500 for each of the first 11 people

Congratulations Winners!

1- Gulcin Aydin
2- Hakan Gulluk
3- Suna Ulus
4-Abdulhaseeb Ahmed
5-Sara Tahir
6-S. Kuyul
7-Ihsan Al Bekri
8-Seniha Gulluk
9-Addison Mc Tague
10-Suleyman Mamaloglu
11-Ismail Demirkan

The Messenger

By R. Haylamaz and Y A. Aslandogan

Award: $500 for each of the first 11 people

Congratulations Winners!

1- Usman Waheeduddin
2- Taha Kafil
3- Cinar Demirci
4-Zafer Kulac
5-Faize Hashim
6-Salman Waheeduddin
7-Aisan Maiwulanjiang
8-Esra Simsek
9-Faisal Malik
10-Lugman Waheeduddin
11-Omer Tigli

The Age of Bliss Prophet Muhammad

By Mustafa Erdo─čan

Award: $100 for each of the first 11 people

Congratulations Winners!

1-Melih Sonmez
2-Abdullah Ata
3-Esad Ulusal.
4-Suat Bilim
5-Qais jukalop
6-Alinur Atabaev
7-Raniia Atabaeva
8-Malik sabaw
9-Nasir Ashurov
10-Aisha Waheeduddin
11-Raiana Atabaeva


The following awards will be distributed to the eligible winners:
The first 11 people for both books will receive $500 each. Total amount of awards to be distributed will be $11,000. Award checks will be mailed within two weeks of the announcement of the results.

Rules of Contest and Purpose of the Contest

The main purpose of the reading contest is to support and foster a correct understanding of and the life and the message of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in line with the authentic and credible sources of information.

1- Anyone above the high school level (14+ year old) may enter the reading contest.

2-All participants are responsible for obtaining the subject book on their own through bookstores and other retail outlets.

3-Participants have to complete the registration process on the contest website in order to participate in the contest. All participants are responsible for providing accurate information during registration including names, email address, and address and telephone numbers. Any entry violating this rule will be disqualified from the contest.

4-No employees, members, or managers of sponsoring organizations may participate in the contest.

5-There is no fee for registration participating in the reading contest.

6-Multiple entries are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification.